A Look Back

Some of my favorite images from weddings and engagement portraits past, 2011 through 2013.

Vicki and Greg: Engagement Session

Engagement photo session for Vicki and Greg was in downtown Peoria, a rich backdrop of city and texture that made them the focal point.

Sarah and Dave: Wedding

Weddings that create blended families have a special place in my heart as the roads those families have traveled have often been long and winding. The wedding is a celebration of the restoration God has done. This wedding with Sarah and Dave was particularly special to me because Sarah has been a dear friend on my own journey. Congratulations to you both. May the years only serve to draw you closer together.

Shera and Jon: Wedding

Shera and Jon had a small wedding with family and close friends out in the country. Their reception was an outdoor dinner party. It was full of intimacy and beautiful details that reflected their story and hearts. The small size of the guest list allowed them to have real conversations they could remember in the years to come. So special.

Jill and Case: Wedding

Jill and Case included their children in their wedding. I think that's a huge part of what made this wedding so special. The importance of family was reflected throughout their day. A fresh beginning. A family that loves and supports each other.

Deborah and Trevor's Wedding: The Couple

Deborah and Trevor wanted to visit the pond where he proposed before their wedding. The forest and grassland around it was a perfect setting for their wedding photos. But the best part of the photos is always the heart and joy the bride and groom bring as they enjoy these moments. Although each couple must choose what is best for their wedding day, "first glance" photos of the couple before the wedding allow them to enjoy some more personal, less hurried moments just between themselves and capture the love that brought them to this point. Sometimes couples want to wait until the wedding isle to see one another, but I've never had a couple disappointed that they took this time together before the wedding ceremony. And nothing can diminish that moment when she walks down the isle. In fact, they are often more relaxed and able to soak it all in as a result of their time together the previous hour.

Jordan: Getting Ready

The hour or two before the bride puts on her dress is always a flurry of the most special moments between her and her bridesmaids. It is also a wonderful opportunity for candid photography, also know as photojournalism... photography that tells a story. Many of my brides include some of these images in their albums. Sometimes we balance it with similar photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready (but that is honestly a little less common because guys are not always as excited about getting ready as the girls). You could also use photos from this session to create a mini book for bridesmaids to remember the morning.